Range Rover Equipped with BILSTEIN Shocks

Fast Facts to Bring You Up to Speed

We’re one of the largest producers or air suspension systems for OEM manufacturers and the after market in the world today. It’s a fact you may not be aware of; simply because with comfort, reliability and durability at the top of our design agenda you wouldn’t even know they were there.

In 2017 BILSTEIN produced over 850,000 air suspension units. It’s a huge number and these parts made their way to production lines around the globe, as well as aftermarket parts suppliers too. Our OEM customers include Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW and Rolls-Royce. It’s a list of some of the best manufacturers in the world and it’s with good reason that they choose BILSTEIN.

BILSTEIN B4 OE Replacement (Air)

It’s our air suspension technology that makes models like the Rolls-Royce Phantom, BMWs 7-series and Mercedes S class ride whisper quiet and silky-smooth. We engineer air suspension solutions to enhance the vehicles characteristics. Likewise, BILSTEIN air suspension is what makes the BMW 5-series, Mercedes C-class such pleasant mile munching machines. But that’s not all, Mercedes also use our technology on the E, GLE- and GLS-class range and BMW also favor BILSTEIN for the 6-series too.

There is another side to air suspension however, a rather more rugged and hardwearing side. That’s why Land Rover and Range Rover use our suspension solutions to create some of the most capable off road vehicles on the planet. Individually adaptable at each corner BILSTEIN air suspension provides the Land Rover Discovery with the ultimate in adjustable suspension, working with a clever electronics system to overcome any terrain. The same system is employed in Range Rover models and affords the Sport and Vogue with an unparalleled duality in nature; extraordinary both on and off-road.

About 350 employees work solely on creating the very finest air suspension systems at BILSTEIN. This tight knit team work together to innovate on new products every day. Our aftermarket solutions to ship to over 90 countries worldwide and each year about 175 tons of rubber enters BILSTEIN manufacturing plants and leaves as the ultimate in air suspension.

airspring cutaway
Bilstein airspring in workshop