When an advertisement arrived in Uwe Schürmann’s mailbox in 2015, he seized the opportunity. The ad promised zero percent financing for any new Ford car. As a car and motor sport fan, the decades-long Ford customer was hot for the Ford Mustang, more precisely: the Ford Mustang GT 5.0 with 421 hp. Above all, Uwe was taken with the design and the “perfect silhouette.” “In addition, the Ford Mustang is an affordable sports car for average earners,” says Uwe.

The fact that the same US pony car was excluded from the promotion did not deter the 51-year-old. Quite to the contrary: it awakened Uwe’s fighting spirit. “After tough negotiations, I was actually offered the opportunity to finance a Ford Mustang with zero percent interest,” says Uwe. “So I ordered my Ford Mustang in June 2015 and fulfilled a lifelong dream.”

Half a year later this dream stood in bright yellow in front of the garage at home. But it would not take long until Uwe discovered one or another upgrades for his Mustang. As a result, the commercial employee equipped his classic US car with new 20-inch aluminum rims and a new flap exhaust system. New foil strips in black provided a striking contrast. An extensive engine tuning strengthened the V8 to around 470 hp.

To ensure adequate performance and that the car could be brought safely onto the road at all times, Uwe had a BILSTEIN B16 coilover suspension system installed. “I asked about experiences on the Internet. The good price/performance ratio was also one of the reasons why I chose BILSTEIN,” says Uwe. He would not be disappointed: “The Mustang performs much better at higher speeds. It also has a much better cornering ability in road traffic,” the tuning fan is pleased to say.

When the ink on the purchase contract had not yet dried it was already clear to Uwe that the Mustang would be modified sooner rather than later. “Tuning has interested me since my first car, a Ford Fiesta, which I already equipped with a rear spoiler in 1987,” Uwe reveals. “In addition to the visual improvements, the technical changes and optimization of the individual components also excite me.”

The black and yellow racer is now also a sight to behold on the race track: The massive 470 V8 hp ensures high speeds on straight sections of the track, while the BILSTEIN B16 coilover suspension system ensures maximum cornering speeds – a perfect combination! Uwe is keen to put his car through its paces: “A visit to the Nordschleife is definitely planned for this year.”