Glide through the streets with BILSTEIN air suspension.

When replacing worn or tired air suspension on your car preserving the original ride quality and driving dynamics should be at the top of your list. Many car manufacturers look to us for the ultimate air suspension technology at the design stage and you can too when selecting aftermarket parts.

Our B3 air springs provide a perfect driving experience under high load, predictable handling characteristics and high durability. This ensures a fantastic ride quality and long lifespan. Our air springs are utilized where shocks and springs are fitted independently of one another. BILSTEIN B3 air springs give uncompromised comfort and driving dynamics, rapid adjustment to road and driving conditions and constant bump absorption. Thanks to the use of carefully selected materials our B3 air springs are the perfect choice for cars that really get used as the manufacturer originally intended.

Some vehicles have integral damper and air spring, in this case, when the damper and air spring is fitted as one component we provide B4 air suspension modules. This all in one unit is the ultimate in our air suspension technology for your car. Originally developed in close co-operation with Mercedes-Benz this solution gives damping, suspension and ride height control in a single unit. It’s available for both active and passive systems and utilizes optional DampTronic® technology. When choosing a BILSTEIN B4 air suspension module for your car you can be sure you will retain 100% of the original drivability, durability and comfort of the original car.

What’s more, because our B3 and B4 air suspension systems are developed as direct replacement for the OEM parts they can be installed with ease and on more difficult to install applications special tools are included to help correctly fit our replacement parts.