SuperDuty Leveling and Visit to Elite Broncos

John Cole of Elite Broncos shares his BILSTEIN experience with us.

John Cole of Elite Broncos knows his way around suspension, as a veteran desert racer and premier Bronco builder. We had the chance to work with his F-250 in developing the BILSTEIN B8 5162 front leveling kit, and paired it with B8 5160 reservoir shocks in the rear.

“I got my 2019 Ford SuperDuty back from you with the leveling kit and shocks. After 38 years of desert racing I can be very picky on how suspension works. Oh my, this truck works incredible! I’ve been daily driving, towing Broncos on my trailer, dirt roads, etc. every aspect has changed immensely. Potholes, freeway chatter bumps and off road it has complete control and dampening.”

“I put about 1,000 miles on it – freeway, windy roads etc. The [stock) shocks were really soft, really weak. I couldn’t imagine putting a load in it, let alone on a regular basis or for any length of time. Going down the chatter bumps on the freeway, you could feel the sketchiness in the front end. In fact the front end was almost a little skaty. That’s all gone with these BILSTEIN shocks,”John wrote to us. We decided to pay his shop a visit and see what else is going on at Elite Broncos.

“I started spectating in 1980, and then it only took a year and I was pit-crewing, then chasing and one thing lead to another and I ended up in a class 10 car built by Johnny Johnson and sponsored by BILSTEIN.

I rolled into this whole Bronco building program years ago and it just got so much deeper with the business expanding. I built my first Bronco in the early ‘80s, about 13 years later I decided to build another early Bronco with no time limitation and no dollar budget. I’m not trying to copy Parnelli Jones by any means, but I wanted to build a modern day version you could say.”

Stock radius arms still comprise the suspension, but 60mm BILSTEIN 8125 coilovers and M9200 bypass shocks dampen the wheel travel of the stout 91-inch wheelbase Bronco.