SUPREMEPOWER BMW F82 M4 Undergoes a Transformation

Customizing the BMW coupe to look and drive like it should have from the factory.

BMW enthusiasts are a discerning bunch – making sure they modify their ultimate driving machines with taste and quality components. Jih Cheng, spent his youth and college years dreaming about BMW M cars, finally in a position to realize the dream he set out to modify his M4 the right way.

“I’ve always wanted a BMW M-car since I was 18, when I got this it was the car community that I fell in love with. I’ve always loved black, I’ve always wanted a BMW and I’ve always driven a manual. It was kind of tough to find one in this spec with a manual, cloth seats – bare bones.”

Jih set about looking at other enthusiasts cars, asking informed questions and educated himself about the decisions and products other street performance fans stood by when it came to their projects. The modifications were made in tandem with the help of Kim Dao from SUPREMEPOWER in Fullerton, CA. A list of tastefully restrained modifications glammed up the appearance and performance of the Black Sapphire Metallic coupe.

3DDesign rear diffuser and side skirts compliment BMW CS tail and front lips, along with a GTS hood. BBS FIR wheels were wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires for grip and strength. A REMUS exhaust system and carbon fiber tips lets the F82 exhale its striking exhaust note. When it came time to upgrade the suspension, Jih did his homework and quickly realized BILSTEIN B16 DampTronic® was the way to go.

“I was looking for suspension mods and the BILSTEIN B16s that work with the car’s adaptive (EDC) system drew my attention. Once I put it on the car – I loved it, it gives a new dimension. I could go lower in the rear and front but I think this is as low as I’ll go. When I look at the car I still ask myself – this is my car?”

“I could go with a different coilover but that button wouldn’t work and that defeats the purpose! I works flawlessly, the biggest thing for me was the three drive functions; comfort, sport and sport plus there’s a more distinct feel. Now I drive religiously on sport or sport plus, before it was bouncy from comfort into sport – now it’s strictly on sport.”

As a practical plug & play solution, our active BILSTEIN DampTronic® damping system offers the ideal upgrade for vehicles with factory electronic adjustment systems. As you drive, road variations are constantly measured by sensors and relayed to the CPU controlling the shock absorbers. This allows the dampers to constantly and automatically adjust themselves to the road conditions — for perfect traction control and stable handling. Our broad OE replacement range includes a large selection for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche and many other car manufacturers.