Test and Tune Day With Jerett Brooks

Shaking down the Pro-2 at Glen Helen, we checked in with BILSTEIN Racer Jerett Brooks as he prepares for the 2019 LOORRS season.

The Pro-2 class is a mixture of raw power and limited traction. Compared to the Pro-4 competitors, Pro-2 drivers must finesse their way around the circuits of the LOORRS season – wrestling rear wheel drive-only trucks for the fast lap.

BILSTEIN Racer #77 Jerett Brooks is closing in on a winning combination of well-tuned suspension dynamics, and maturing driver skills. We caught the Brooks’ team at a pre-season shake down at Glen Helen.

“We’re throwing a lot at this truck this year, we’re re-valving the shocks and it’s a whole new setup in my truck. We’re beyond ready for the 2019 season, we’ve got General Tire on board as well so we’re trying to do our homework and get to that top step,” Brooks explained.