Testing With Tim McCreadie

Tuning shocks and chassis for the 2019 season!

At the 2018 PRI show BILSTEIN was excited to unveil and announce the new partnership with American Dirt Modified racer Tim McCreadie. His newly BILSTEIN-equipped Longhorn Chassis Late Model is a platform we were excited to get out and shake down at Golden Isles Spedway (GISDIRT) in Waynesville Gerogia.

Tim “T-Mac” McCreadie runs a combination of BILSTEIN motorsports dampers to suit the unique needs of his Longhorn Chassis Late Model. Among these exciting new dampers are the AS2-Reservoir and EM46 Air Shock.

AS2-R dampers are lightweight modular aluminum shock aborbers that feature BILSTEIN leading edge reservoir technology. With the superior AS2 Series damper mated to complete the combination, this package is offered in common lengths with numerous upgradeable options. Standard with 3-way tuning (hi/low compression on reservoir and rebound on shaft).

Helping to get that spoiler up in the flow of the air stream and generate added aerodynamic force under weight transfer is the EM46.

EM46 Series dampers are steel bodied modular designs that utilize emulsion technology to provide a wide range of tunable spring rates through variation of oil and nitrogen volume. Available in both 7″ and 9″ stroke variants, these dry kits feature rugged 22mm shafts and enhanced rod guide seals for premium durability.