Towing Toys To The Desert With Ryan Beat

LOORRS Pro Lite Champion and BILSTEIN racer Ryan Beat heads to the local desert for some fun!

Your recreational vehicles are your weekend toys, your investment and represent more than just mechanical machines. They are vehicles that bring families together and represent the tradition of sharing good times on the weekends and holidays.

Entrusting your valuable toys to just any tow vehicle is a big ask, so make sure you can rely on your suspension to support a safe trailer load.

Ryan Beat has come up through the ranks as a test rider for the factory Kawasaki motorcross team. A fast Pro moto-racer, and now LOORRS Pro Lite champion, this horsepower and off-road junkie trusts his Ford F-150 equipped with BILSTEIN 6112 coilovers.

We all followed Ryan out to the local Southern California desert for a little towing shake down with his new suspension. Loading his Yamaha 125 in the bed of the truck and race truck on the flat-bed The F-150 pulled the load up and down grades and shined with the 6112 coilovers up front and 5160 reservoir shocks in the back.