Both BILSTEIN Equipped.

BMW have created some of the greatest drivers cars of all time, there’s no disputing that. But the interesting thing is the very best of them are not born out of a gap in a niche market or a focus group identifying an opportunity to sell more cars, these are motorsport homologation specials. In the early 1970s BMW broke the mold with these two cars.

The 2002 turbo and the E9 3.0 CSL. The CSL was introduced in 1972 to form the basis of a car to compete in the European Touring Car Championship. Like we now have come to expect from ‘CSL’ variants the 3.0 CSL featured deleted sound deadening, thinner windows and thinner steel body panels to create a light version of the car. The famous ‘batmobile’ wings were not installed at the factory and were delivered in the boot to allow them to remain road legal but still meet homologation requirements.

The 2002 turbo was launched a year later in 1973 and was BMWs first turbocharged production car, paving the way for later generations that would heavily rely on the technology. A KKK turbocharger boosted power +40bhp over the M10 engine in the 2002tii and power delivery was described as a ‘kick in the kidneys’ by some journalists.

Both these special E9 and 2002 models share a groundbreaking place in the history books and both utilise BILSTEIN suspension technology.