From F1 to transaxle – the Porsche-BILSTEIN success story

Techno-Classica 2017: BILSTEIN presents the 911 Carrera 3.2 (G series)

The BILSTEIN catalogue for classic cars is huge. From the late 1950s onwards, the German company was finally equipping many cars ex works with shock absorbers. The Porsche brand, which has been connected to BILSTEIN for many years, plays a special role in this constellation. The sports car manufacturer and the suspension specialist have been particularly close to each other for over 50 years. BILSTEIN shock absorbers and suspension systems are tailor-made for the Porsche athletes – whether in the series, in motorsport or on the spare parts market. This is why at the 29th Techno-Classica, which runs from 5–9 April in Essen, Germany, the focus will be on solutions for sports cars from Stuttgart. One eye-catcher at stand 163 in Hall 3.0 will be a Porsche 911 G series from 1986. The Carrera 3.2 is fitted with the BILSTEIN B6 shock absorber, in the “sporty road” version, which stands for improved spare parts.

Together in Formula 1 and even further

Co-operation on the racetrack began in the early 1960s with various racing vehicles, including sports cars and prototypes. However, Porsche was also active in Formula 1 at the time and, after previous suspension problems, had BILSTEIN racing shock absorbers installed in their 804. The success was resounding: Dan Gurney won the Grand Prix of France in Rouen in 1962 and secured the first victory for Porsche in the royal class of motorsports. In the years that followed, co-operation involving sports cars and prototypes – such as the 906, 907, 908 and 910 – continued. At the end of the decade, legendary racing cars were being produced, such as the Porsche 962, which is probably the most successful racing sports car ever. BILSTEIN shock absorbers were also increasingly used in road vehicles. Today, the suspension manufacturer offers a huge stock of components for historic Porsches. Starting from the legendary 356 and the slim 911 original series (including 912) and the G series through to the last of the air-cooled, the 993, and the later 996, showcased 20 years ago.

From classic 911s to transaxle types

It does not always have to be the 911: the previously despised transaxle types 924, 944, 968 and 928 have now arrived in the classic scene and early Boxsters are also slowly coming of age. The BILSTEIN product range includes matching shock absorbers for all the vehicles mentioned, as well as for countless other vehicle variants from a wide range of brands. In addition to the B6 improved series shock absorber, the B8 is available for selected models (which has been specially designed for lower suspension settling) as well as complete suspension systems and coilovers. Products for historic motorsports round off the range on offer.

The department for special customer requests fulfils almost every wish

Long time ago, BILSTEIN has already created a department for special customer request. If a shock absorber is officially no longer available, old parts can be revised or reconstructed. Of course, individual specifications are also possible. In order to secure the supply of spare parts for the 993 in the long term, the customer request department has designed and built some improved shock absorbers in consultation with Porsche. In any case, classic car drivers can be sure that BILSTEIN will do everything to keep your beloved classic running, because history and the future are equally important to the brand.