Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Below you´ll find answers to the questions we got asked most

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which shocks fit my vehicle?

You can search your vehicle in our online catalog to find products, additional product information and specific part numbers for your vehicle. To see the online catalog please CLICK HERE.

2. Your online catalog says that you do not make shocks for my car?

Unfortunately, we do not make shocks for all years, makes and models of vehicles.

3. Can’t I just use another shock from a different vehicle?

Most Bilstein shocks are application specific and have been designed and tuned for a particular vehicle. A shock built for one car may not fit or perform correctly on a completely different application.

4. Should I use the B6 4600 or B8 5100 for my light truck or SUV?

Good question! Our B6 4600 shock is for stock height vehicles while the B8 5100 are for lifted/leveled applications. If your truck is at stock ride height you would want to use our B6 4600 shock. If you have lift components installed on your truck and need a longer shock then you would want to use the B8 5100’s. Both shocks are equally as durable and neither is better than the other.

5. Where do I set my B8 5100 Ride Height Adjustable shocks to level my truck?

We do not specify which snap ring location will level your truck. We recommend taking some ride height measurements before you start any work to determine how far down the rear is from the front. Then per our included install instructions positon the snap ring accordingly. Tip: You can download install instructions from our online catalog. Just search your shock’s part number and the link is on the page.

6. Which way do I mount my shocks “boot up” or “boot down?”

You always want to install our application specific B6 4600 and B8 5100 shocks so the Bilstein labeled on the shock body is reading in the correct orientation. If your shocks have been installed with the stickers on upside down then the shocks should be flipped the other way.

7. Which shocks should I buy for my car the B6 Performance or B8 Performance Plus?

Our application specific B6 Performance shocks have been designed for the stock original equipment coil springs, while the B8 Performance Plus shock are for use with lowering springs. If you are looking for a performance replacement shock for your car but do not wish to lower the ride height, we recommend our B6 Performance shocks. If you have aftermarket lowering springs then we would recommend using the B8 Performance Plus shocks.

8. My shock is leaking, what do I do?

Many of our products have a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty does not cover wear and tear of the shock. Warranty returns of our products are required to go back through our distributors. If you believe the product to have a manufacturing defect, you will need to reach out to your original place of purchase to discuss your warranty options. Here is a link to our warranty information on our website for your review. CLICK HERE for more Warranty Information.

9. Where can I buy your products?

We do not sell direct to the public. All products are sold through our distributors. You can search for your local distributors HERE!